Young Startup Edition: 8 Hacks for Better Email Management

Atish Davda
Nov 12th, 2014
In continuation of our series, Young Startup Edition, I recently wrote a piece on email management on Below is an excerpt from that article (see full piece here)...

Your email inbox is like your desk at work: keep it clean.

If it’s excessively messy, people will notice and eventually it will take a toll on your career. No corporate professional today can excel, or even get by, at their job without proper email management.

Yet, so many people struggle with it. You’ll find 1,080,000,000 search results on Google if you search “I need help with email management.” The good news is you’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed at managing your inbox. The bad news is there are, apparently, a billion different ways to do it.

Below, you’ll find eight hacks to better email management along with real life examples of how to implement them. With 425 million users, Gmail makes for a good case study, but you may apply the same concepts to other email services.

I am the founder and CEO of a VC-backed technology upstart, EquityZen, which allows private investors access to proven pre-IPO investments. While I’d bet Elon Musk’s inbox gets hit harder than does mine, I work at the intersection of technology and finance, two sectors notorious for their dependence on email communication.

1) Choose the Right Tools

This one is crucial. No one tool is perfect, so use a combination of tools.

Much of your email is likely consumed over mobile or tablet devices. Pick an email client that can keep up. I use Mailbox (now owned by Dropbox). Recently, Mailbox came out with a desktop application for OS X, which syncs with your Mailbox across all devices where you use it.

When on the run, use Mailbox on your smartphone. If you live in a city with underground public transportation, you’ll likely appreciate the added benefit: Mailbox lets you chip away at your inbox even without Internet service and keeps track of your activity until you resurface and reconnect.

When at your desk, use; its search functionality is unparalleled. In addition, if you have a Mac, use Mailbox for OS X for email scheduling, in addition to using Gmail’s web client.

I tie in my work and personal email accounts with Mailbox, and can tick through them all at once, or one at a time depending on whether or not I’m working.

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