Invest In Your Career

At EquityZen, you'll join a dynamic team committed to democratizing access to investing in private markets.

We offer competitive compensation, growth opportunities, and a rewarding work environment focused on innovation and teamwork.

Our Values

Be Human

We are respectful and kind to our teammates, our clients, and to the world at large. We do what we need to be personally healthy and happy. We strive to create a company we can brag to our friends about.

Be Ready to Teach and Learn

We always yearn for more knowledge. We understand that disagreements are opportunities to teach and learn, but above all, to grow. We are polite, but candid, and feel encouraged to ask for help when uncomfortable.

Be an Inspiring Team Player

Ideas are encouraged; execution is paramount. We respect others’ time through punctuality and preparedness. We think big, act small, and take fast, smart risks.

Be Resilient but Humble

We take pride in our team’s work and reflect on our mistakes in order to grow. We subscribe to the notion that Grit bests Talent, and Passion bests Resources.