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Investments in private placements holding pre-IPO companies are speculative, illiquid, and carry a high degree of risk, including loss of principal. Investments made on the EquityZen platform are made through pooled investment vehicles, which acquire shares of private technology companies, and are not direct investments in these companies.

EquityZen is a marketplace for pre-IPO investments. EquityZen has been featured, quoted, and covered in a number of publications.

Yahoo! Finance: What Market Volatility Means for 2019 IPOs

Co-founder of EquityZen Phil Haslett joins Yahoo Finance's Adam Shapiro, Julie Hyman, and Zack Guzman to discuss recent market volatility ahead of 2019's IPO season.

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Yahoo! Finance: Food Delivery Companies Crave IPOs for 2019

CEO of EquityZen Atish Davda joins Yahoo Finance's Adam Shapiro, Julie Hyman, and Zack Guzman to discuss the big names in food delivery that are headed for IPOs in 2019.

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Bank On It Podcast with EquityZen CEO Atish Davda

In this episode the host John Siracusa chats with Atish Davda, Co-Founder and CEO of EquityZen. EquityZen is a marketplace for investing in private tech companies backed by top-tier venture capital firms. Shareholders in private companies now have a way to get cash in exchange for their illiquid equity. To date, EquityZen has completed 5000+ transactions in over 100 pre-IPO companies.

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Yahoo! Finance: Uber and Lyft Race to IPO

EquityZen Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Shri Bhashyam, joins Yahoo! Finance's Midday Movers show to discuss the large upcoming 2019 tech IPOs in the ride-sharing space: Uber and Lyft.

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Yahoo! Finance: Why 2019's IPO Outlook is Bleaker Than It Should Be

Atish Davda, co-founder and CEO of EquityZen, tells Yahoo! Finance that not too much weight should be placed on money-losing companies going public. After all, Amazon was once also a profitless startup going through the IPO process.

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Cheddar: Big Tech Companies Set to IPO in 2019

EquityZen has released its 2019 IPO Market Outlook. Phil Haslett, co-founder of EquityZen, joined Cheddar to discuss the companies they are looking at and which big tech companies might finally go public.

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MarketWatch: Eventbrite IPO: 6 things to know about the ticketing company

EquityZen Co-Founder Phil Haslett talks with MarketWatch about Eventbrite's IPO.

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Forbes: Eight Factors To Consider Before Retiring From Your Business

EquityZen CEO Atish Davda speaks with Forbes about instilling your values into your business before retiring.

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Silicon Valley Business Journal: Uber worth $1 trillion? Here are the returns SoftBank’s megafundings may require

EquityZen CEO Atish Davda chats with the Silicon Valley Business Journal about EquityZen's research on SoftBank's $100 billion Vision Fund.

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Institutional Investor: Can SoftBank Really Meet Investors' Expectations?

Institutional Investor features EquityZen's research on SoftBank's $100 billion Vision Fund.

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