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EquityZen helps private company shareholders get liquidity

1Not all private shares can be sold through EquityZen. All securities transactions are conducted by EquityZen Securities LLC, a member of FINRA | SIPC. Click here for more information about fees.

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Find out what your shares are worth

Our Equity Value Calculator leverages proprietary data from the 35,000+ secondary transactions conducted on EquityZen’s marketplace along with market and company research to provide real-time analysis of the value of your shares.

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IMPORTANT: The projections or other information generated by this tool regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results. There is no guarantee EquityZen will be able to find, or will approve, a buyer at your desired price.

Sell Your Pre-IPO Shares with EquityZen

Piggy Bank

Fund Life's Milestones

Buy a new home, plan your dream wedding or start a family. Companies operate on their own terms and timeline when it comes to liquidity programs and IPO plans. You don't have to put your life on hold.

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Diversify Your Portfolio

Take control of your personal portfolio. Get liquidity to invest elsewhere or to save. You don't need to bear the risks of having your net worth tied up in one company.

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Gain Financial Independence

Get cash to pay down your student loans, cover your mortgage, or fund your child's tuition. Working for a private company shouldn't mean you have to take on more debt.

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Exercise Options with Confidence

Exercise with a clear path to liquidity. Companies often provide only 90 days to exercise after you leave. You have earned your shares, you don't need to choose between letting them expire and the uncertainty of exercising without an IPO on the horizon.

Why EquityZen?

EquityZen Helps Unlock the Value of your Equity


Extensive Network of Investors

EquityZen provides you access to hundreds of thousands of investors world-wide. Your shares will be marketed to our extensive network of qualified investors, raising the possibility of finding valid buyers at the price you want. After all, finding a buyer on your own can be the hardest part.

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Informed Price Discovery

Limited information in the private markets can make pricing difficult. EquityZen uses informed price discovery to help you set your own price for your private shares. Set the price of your shares by using EquityZen's expertise, and get a fair price for your hard earned shares.


Guided and Easy Transactions

Selling your private shares can be confusing, but our team is here to help! You will be guided by our advisors every step of the way. We handle the logistics and the paperwork. Once you are in a deal, you can use our self-service portal to view the status of your EquityZen transaction. Achieve liquidity seamlessly.

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Deal Integrity

EquityZen reviews your shareholder documents to ensure you don't run afoul of agreements with your company. We work with investors on your behalf, handling compliance checks and funding. We then work with the issuer to help the transaction close. You don't pay us until your transaction is complete.

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