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No Matter Your Strategy, EquityZen Can Help You Execute With Confidence.

Deep Relationships

Over a decade, we have fostered trust with private equity firms, hedge funds, early investors, and private companies while our vast global customer base ensures access and liquidity for sought-after private market investments.

Private Market Specialists

Our institutional markets team’s intimate knowledge of the bespoke requirements for each private company coupled with our technology enabled operational processes allow seamless transactions on your terms.

Valued Insights

Data and analytics generated from a vast number of transactions conducted through our marketplace can be leveraged to gain market visibility and build investment thesis.

Companies are remaining private for longer with value creation happening outside of public markets. To harness the power of investing in seemingly illiquid private markets, EquityZen assists customers with sourcing new investments, re-balancing portfolios, and locking-in profits.

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What Could a Partnership Mean to You?

We definitely have a lot of respect for the EquityZen platform that you and your team have built.

Venture Fund

Overall terrific effort and execution. We are happy to have partnered with your team on this and delivered this fantastic conversion rate.

Institutional Investor

EquityZen came [recommended as] highly regarded to me.

Alternative Asset Manager

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