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EquityZen provides alternative investment opportunities in late-stage private technology companies. Now, accredited investors can get access to pre-IPO companies and proven startups.

Typically, private investment opportunities were hard to find and curate for the average accredited investor. EquityZen works with private company shareholders to provide a range of investment offerings.

We buy shares from current shareholders in leading tech companies.

Our current investor clients include:

  • Angel Investors
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs)
  • Family Offices
  • Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)


^Specific customer experiences are not representative of all customer experiences and are no guarantee of future returns or success.

Why EquityZen?

Diversify Your Portfolio

Tap a $500B venture-backed equity class.

Exclusive Access

Private company investment opportunities you won't find elsewhere.

Investor Portal

Proprietary analysis including recent price history, valuation, and cap table.

Curated Investments

We only list companies with proven track-records and top-tier venture capital investors.

Private & Secure

We never share your private and financial information. Ever.

Superior Support

Get help quickly through email, phone, or chat.

How it works

1. Register as an Investor

Sign up as an investor and verify your accreditation status. Your account will be activated within 48 hours (usually much sooner) and you will gain full access to the investment platform.

Please note that you must meet the SEC’s definition of an “Accredited Investor” in order to view our offerings. There are multiple ways to qualify and a full questionnaire is available when you create an account on the platform.

2. Reserve your investment

Browse all available investments on the platform and reserve your investment in a current offering.

In order to reserve your allocation in a particular investment, enter the amount you wish to invest on the company page and sign the Term Sheet. No pen and paper necessary - all documentation is executed electronically using HelloSign, our e-signature provider. The executed Term Sheet will confirm your reservation.

3. Monitor for investment updates

EquityZen will keep you abreast of any important investment updates via e-mail or via the My Investments portal on the platform.

During this period, EquityZen will work with the company and the shareholder to complete the transaction, including resolving important issues like the company’s Right of First Refusal or any other issues that may come up. EquityZen will also work with investors to ensure that we have received executed Term Sheets from all interested investors.

4. Complete final paperwork electronically

After we have worked with the company and received adequate investment interest, you will be asked to execute the final subscription documentation electronically and provide information so that we can initiate a money transfer via ACH to complete the transaction.

Upon Company approval of the deal and closing with the shareholder, you can view your fully executed investment paperwork and investment summary documents in your EquityZen account.

Transactions are executed through EquityZen Securities LLC ("EquityZen Securities"). EquityZen Securities is a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC.

5. Track your Investments

All executed investment paperwork is available through the EquityZen platform. Following the closing of the investment, we will provide periodic updates related to news about the company, including any new financing rounds or pricing updates. In addition, our third-party fund administrator will send your relevant tax forms related to your investment.

6. Be a hero, tell a friend

Had a good experience? Like what you see? Know someone that really wanted to invest in one of our offerings? Refer a friend and help them access investment opportunities in pre-IPO startups as well.

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