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Private Company Liquidity Solutions

Why Work with EquityZen?

Liquidity on Your Terms

Every secondary transaction on EquityZen's platform is approved by the private companies we work with. Our solution saves private companies time and money compared to tenders or company-sanctioned liquidity programs. Our marketplace facilitates fee-free secondary transactions for private companies, typically considered at arms' length, with no expected impact on your company's 409A.

Maintain Control

Determine when, how much and who can sell while keeping private company information confidential.

A Single, Known Shareholder

Simplify your cap table and reduce the administrative burden of secondaries by having a single EquityZen fund as a passive, company-friendly shareholder.

Retain Talent and Mitigate Risk

Empower employees and early shareholders to realize the value of their equity on their timeline and safeguard against them seeking alternative liquidity options without your consent.

EquityZen by the Numbers


Companies Served


Listed on Unique Capitalization Tables


Total Distributed to Shareholders

Empower Your Shareholders

EquityZen Offers the Competitive Edge to Succeed

Connect with Confidence

A vetted pool of buyers and deep relationships with private companies enables liquidity at scale.

Navigate with Guidance

Purpose-built technology and private market specialists deliver a seamless and supported experience throughout the process.

Sell with Precision

Proprietary pricing models coupled with data-driven market insights enable shareholders to make well-informed decisions.

Private Company Testimonials

What Could EquityZen Do for You?

[EquityZen] behaves with great ethics and cordiality... Not everyone in the industry is like that.

GC, California-based Unicorn

EquityZen is very reputable and [you are] stand up folks.  We appreciate working with you.

CFO, California-based Unicorn

Your approach has consistently been favorable... [and] it's nice to work with someone you trust. EquityZen plays a really valuable role.

Associate GC, New York-based Unicorn

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