Weekly Update #147: An Inside Look at Palantir

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Hello Investors,
An Inside Look at Palantir
BuzzFeed reporter William Alden has made a bit of a name for himself lately, covering the less-publicized activities of the largest pre-IPO tech companies. And this week was no different, with Alden's coverage of the secretive big data company Palantir.
In the long-form piece, Alden pores through internal emails, company presentations, and quotes from anonymous sources to seemingly suggest that Palantir is falling apart. For example:
"...documents and interviews show that Palantir has also lost blue-chip clients, is struggling to stem staff departures, and has recorded revenue that is just a fraction of its customer bookings."
For those that are short on time, some key metrics of interest from the article:
  • Palantir announced a 20% pay raise to all employees that have worked there for over 18 months
  • Palantir's 2015 bookings rate was $1.5 billion. The company collected $420 million in revenue in 2015.
  • Palantir spent $500 million in 2015, implying a net cash burn of roughly $80 million for the year.
  • Palantir's employee turnover rate has increased to over 20%

Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale (who is no longer in an operating capacity with the company) quickly went to Quora to voice his counter-argument. Lonsdale dismissed the article as taking "a few select facts out of context" to paint a negative picture of Palantir, which I tend to agree with. The gap between bookings and revenue is actually quite common: bookings convert into revenue when services are delivered in the future. If Palantir signs a pharmaceutical company to a $50 million contract that pays $10 million a year for 5 years, only 20% of the revenue will be recognized in the current calendar year (Fred Wilson covers this difference in more detail on his blog). 

In other news...
A cache of internal documents shows that despite growing revenue, Palantir has lost top-tier clients, is struggling to stem staff departures, and isn’t collecting most of the money it touts in high-value deals.

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Palantir's cofounder Lonsdale called BuzzFeed reporter Will Alden's piece "self-congratulatory and negative which is to be expected in the low-paid clickbait environment where some in the media are jealous of the growing and healthy parts of the technology economy and feel it is their duty to 'hunt unicorns'."
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