Weekly Update #138: Fidelity's Marks of Private Investments

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Hello Investors,
Fidelity's marks of private investments
Tracking mutual fund data has been a hot topic of late. For the uninitiated: a handful of mutual funds own shares in pre-IPO tech companies. As with any securities holding, the fund managers are obligated to mark their positions (monthly or quarterly), and make this data publicly available. 
EquityZen dove into some information from Fidelity's marks, and we'll be tracking it on a monthly basis. The chart below shows the price changes made by Fidelity between 6/30/15-12/30/15, and 6/30/15-1/29/16:
Of note:
  • 7 company valuations (of 12) remained unchanged between 12/30/15 and 1/29/16
  • 5 company valuations dropped between 12/30/15 and 1/29/16
  • 0 of the 5 companies whose valuations dropped had a funding round in that month. Zero. So where's the updated mark coming from?

Thanks to Bryan Weis for his help in digging up this information.

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Phil Haslett | Founder + Head of Investments | EquityZen 

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