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Anyfin - a smart finance app that empowers people to understand and improve their finances.

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About Anyfin Stock

We want to help as many as possible, to the best possible financial situation. Using new technology we develop fair, simple and smart services that help you get more from your finances. So that you can do more of what makes you feel good. We saw that many paid unnecessary high interest and fees for part-payments, credit cards and private loans. So that’s where we started out. Through smart technology and skipping unnecessary middlemen we could offer the lowest possible rate. And we decided straight away: we would always try to help you improve your finances. Never give an offer if we can’t improve your situation. Only make things better. You could say we started out by helping you deal with your financial past. That was in 2018. In 2020 we launched more services, for instance helping you keep track of subscriptions and plan your finances. Ways to simplify your financial everyday life. So that we can help you build your financial future. And we’re just getting started. Anyfin is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


Funding History

February 2018$4.8M
May 2019$8.0M
May 2020$30.0M
September 2021$10.0M
October 2021$52.0M
January 2023$323M


CEO and Co-Founder

Mikael Hussain

CTO and Co-Founder

Sven Perkmann

COO and Co-Founder

Filip Polhem

Business Analyst

Jiamin Yu

Board Observer

Christoffer Norman

Board Member

Jeppe Zink


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