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Notable Investors

GVA Capital


San Francisco CA, US

Total Funding


About Diamond Foundry Stock

Diamond Foundry was founded with the goal of reinventing the $100B diamond industry from “mine to finger” by setting a new standard for social and environmental good. The founding team of M.I.T., Stanford, and Princeton engineers previously developed pioneering breakthroughs in solar power technology – and had a hunch that techniques used to harness the energy of the sun could also be used to make a better diamond, atom by atom.


Funding History

August 2012$85K
November 2012$2.2M
April 2014$4.3M
July 2016$6.2M
July 2016$225K
July 2016$1000K
July 2016$50.0M
November 2019$51.0M
March 2021$200M


Chief Executive Officer

Martin Roscheisen

Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy Scholz


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