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Notable Investors

Bain Capital Ventures


Irvine, US

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About Acorns Stock

Acorns offers personal financial services via their mobile app. Users can choose between Acorns Invest or Acorns Later, an investment and retirement account, respectively. The company also offers Acorns Early, an investment account for kids, and Acorns Earn, a bonus investment perk. Users define a portfolio by answering questions regarding their financial situation and goals, which Acorns uses to recommend a mix of ETFs. Users can also choose to invest in Acorns Sustainable Portfolios, which feature ESG-focused ETFs, or to invest in Bitcoin via Acorns. The company additionally offers a checking account, called Acorns Checking. Users can link cards and bank accounts to Acorns, which tracks the purchases and deposits the spare change to Acorns. If a user uses Acorns Checking, the user receives an Acorns Debit Card, which can be used instead of linked cards and bank accounts.

The company was founded in Newport Beach, CA in February 2012. Notable investors include PayPal, Rakuten, and GreyCroft Partners.

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Funding History

February 2012$2.3M
February 2014$2.8M
April 2015$25.6M
March 2016$44.4M
May 2017$25.3M
January 2019$121M
January 2019$25.0M
March 2022$197K
March 2022$2.7M
March 2022$629K
March 2022$32K
March 2022$20.2M
March 2022$15.0M
March 2022$55.0M
March 2022$403M
March 2023$111M
March 2023$181M


Chief Executive Officer

Noah Kerner

Chief Financial Officer

Rich Sullivan


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