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About Ontheline Corporation Stock

Ontheline is a Web 4.0 Super App & Digital Lifestyle Platform designed for generational use. Our mission is to create and operate a digital lifestyle technology platform that enables consumers to experience Real life, Ontheline™. This occurs through the most secure, private, and safe Web 4.0 “super app” and platform available, resulting in intangible benefits to consumers, brands, companies, and elected officials. This platform can help society in ways Big Tech has failed. Ontheline enables everything from socializing to work, lifestyle to telehealth and prescriptions, e-commerce and micro-commerce, secure in-app and in-Website digital currency. In addition, Ontheline's Ownership Society(TM) gives back percentage of profits to all members based on their individual use. The MVP was proven with 311,000 consumers which taught us much about what consumers want and need. We solve Big Tech’s issues while becoming a model in corporate social responsibility. Moderation is at the member level, not some faceless censor in an office park. All members are authenticated to eliminate fake accounts and bots. The platform is available in 51 nations where freedom of expression is guaranteed by the governments of these nations. Tools help parents monitor children’s activities on our companion app/site Friendswith.com. Oversight of aging parent’s activities to keep them safe. Features bring companies new customers and provide better service through patented advertising products. Micro-commerce allows people of all walks of life to monetize work and hobbies and financially supports newspapers, magazines, content creators, and independent journalists. We are building this company with a 50+ year horizon in mind, knowing our actions will impact generations to come. Our commitment to “doing what is right” is rooted as parents, grandparents, and innovators working together in the Internet and media industries for more than 25 years. We welcome investors who seek exponential long-term growth while having the opportunity to benefit from an initial public offering or future acquisition, and knowing their investment is changing society for the better.

Funding History

December 2015$14.0M
January 2021$1.2M


Chairman and EVP, Investor Relations

Jack Illare

President & CEO

Bill Townsend

Cofounder, EVP & Chief Financial Officer

Katrina Yao


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