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Off Grid Electric Stock

Off.Grid:Electric delivers on a complete technical, operational and financial model.



Notable Investors

Zouk Capital LLP


Arusha, TZ

Total Funding


About Off Grid Electric Stock

Off.Grid:Electric is the world’s first Solar-as-a-Service company, providing pay-as-you-go solar power to customers in Africa. The company makes solar energy more accessible and affordable for the region’s poor who cannot afford the high upfront costs associated with traditional solar offerings. Off.Grid:Electric keeps costs down through innovative technologies, including next-generation lithium batteries and hyper-efficient appliances, that more efficiently deliver solar infrastructure to rural communities. Affordable and reliable electricity allows customers to light their homes and expand opportunities for work and study. It also allows them to charge cell phones and connect to mobile services and critical financial resources.


Funding History

March 2014$7.0M
December 2014$16.0M
February 2015$7.0M
October 2015$25.0M
December 2015$45.0M
August 2016$8.0M
August 2016$10.0M
January 2018$55.0M


VP Engineering

Milo Werner


Thor Muller

Lead Android Developer

Annyce Davis

Director of Expansion

Ari Zlotoff

CFO & Head of Business Operations

Bill Lenihan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Xavier Helgesen

CTO & Co-Founder

Joshua Pierce


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