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Oxford Nanopore Technologies Stock

Nanopore-Based Electronic Systems

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Notable Investors

Amgen Ventures


Oxford, GB

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About Oxford Nanopore Technologies Stock

Oxford Nanopore Technologies aims to disrupt the paradigm of biological analysis by making high performance, novel DNA/RNA sequencing technology that is accessible and easy to use. Their novel, electronics-based DNA/RNA sequencing technology is being used in more than 80 countries, for a range of biological research applications. These include large scale human genomics, cancer research, microbiology, plant science and environmental research. Nanopore sequencing is also being explored beyond research, where it has the potential to provide rapid, meaningful information in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, food and water surveillance and education. Oxford Nanopore’s proprietary technology is fully scalable for any requirement. Small formats such as Flongle address the need for on-demand, rapid, smaller tests or experiments, and can be used in labs or in the field. The pocket-sized MinION is a powerful and portable sequencing device that can deliver high volumes of long read sequence data. The benchtop GridION X5 can run up to five MinION Flow Cells at a time, on-demand, for larger genomics projects. The recently launched PromethION is the largest format for nanopore sequencing, designed to offer on-demand use of up to 48 Flow Cells – each of which can offer more than 100Gb of sequencing data. Focusing on ease of use, nanopore sequencing offers easy and rapid preparation, including a ten minute library preparation kit and the automated, programmable VolTRAX. Supported by a broad patent portfolio, the Oxford Nanopore pipeline includes multiple generations of nanopore-based sensing technologies, including those based on both biological and solid-state nanopores.


Funding History

May 2020$48.4M
January 2020$110M
October 2018$50.0M
March 2018$100M
December 2016$100M
July 2015$70.0M
August 2014$35.0M
November 2013$56.4M
October 2013$40.0M
May 2012$31.4M


Chief Executive Officer

Gordon Sanghera

Chief Scientific Officer

John Milton

Chief Business Development Officer

Spike Willcocks


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