implantable system, micro-machining electrode manufacturing, cochlear implant, neuromodulation

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About TODOC Stock

TODOC is the technology leader of neural prosthesis and neuromodulation system in Korea. TODOC is developing cochlear implant system with innovative manufacturing method for implantable neural interface. People who have a hearing loss greater than 90dB are guided to use cochlear implant instead of hearing aids to restore hearing. Our goal is to expand the cochlear implant market globally. Because of the high price, cochlear implants are usually consumed in the developed countries such as North America and Europe. However, majority of the hearing-impaired population currently resides in the developing or underdeveloped countries where people cannot afford the benefit of the cochlear implant. This high price of the cochlear implant is mostly due to the manual method of manufacturing the neural electrodes. To replace the conventional manual fabrication method, TODOC has developed automated micro-machining electrode manufacturing processes at only 1/10 of conventional manufacturing cost of electrode, as well as the cochlear implant system. The automated electrode manufacturing processes can offer higher capacities for a wider range of sounds to the hearing impaired than conventional ones. TODOC aims to become a global leader in the Brain-Machine Interface field based on its superior Neural Interface Technology.

Funding History

June 2020$3.1M


Chief Technology Officer

Lee Hoseung

CEO & Founder

Abraham Kyousik Min

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