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About Talkspace Stock

Talkspace is an online therapy startup that offers affordable and confidential therapy with network of professional and licensed therapists wherever and whenever clients need help. Talkspace's mission is to make a billion people happy. With Unlimited Messaging Therapy, users have access to a licensed, professional therapist-- no appointment needed! Talkspace: Offering A Good Approach To Online Therapy With the growth of the internet and the ease of technology that we now have access to, several fields have now been able to switch over to online formats. Online therapy is one sector in particular that has grown because of the accessibility that people often experience. Online therapy functions in a similar manner when compared to regular face to face therapy options that currently exist, except through a chat. A lot of times, people have difficulties opening up to people in person and have a much better time communicating through text and messages. Going to regular forms of therapy can also prove to be incredibly expensive, which some people find incredibly hard to budget for, which results in them not getting the kind of care that they need. Talkspace is one platform in particular that people across the world have opted to go in for when trying to seek help for any kind of mental issues that they might be facing. The app was designed with the intention of offering quality level therapy services that can guide their patients on the routes that they should take on how to improve their mental state and lead a better life. Why People All Over The World Are Opting For Talkspace Therapy There are several reasons why millions of people all over the world have chosen Talkspace as their preferred medium of therapy. One of the main reasons for this is the cost-benefit that it provides. Because of the state of healthcare across the world, attaining good quality care tends to burn a hole through your pocket. This is also one of the reasons why people don’t seek the right kind of help that they need. Locational and commute factors are also something that often has an effect on the kind of care that people are able to attain. Sometimes, simply traveling to a place for a therapy session can seem like a huge inconvenience, especially if the commute is long and tiresome. With Talkspace, the location is never a factor since anyone can opt to go in for a therapy session, no matter where they are. All you need is your phone and an internet connection, and you are good to go! Talking to someone over the phone and without being in front of them or in person tends to also be a lot easier. This is one of the bigger reasons why online therapy has grown so much over the past few years. The duration of the therapy sessions is also something that can be controlled better during phone-based therapies. This is something that can work well for those who are on tight schedules and don’t have too much time to dedicate to an hour-long therapy session. Even though all doctors have a confidentiality agreement with their patients when treating them, there are always worries that people have about people spotting them during their commute to the therapist. Because online therapy can be done through the comfort of your home, it gives you an additional level of confidentiality that people often want when seeking this kind of treatment. Seeking any kind of therapy or medical care for a mental disorder is always essential, and Talkspace aims to provide their patients with exactly what, just in a much more convenient manner.


Funding History

February 2014$2.4M
February 2014$1.1M
November 2014$1.2M
April 2015$9.4M
May 2016$15.3M
August 2017$31.3M


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Oren Frank

Co-Founder & Head of Clinical Services

Roni Frank

Chief Technology Officer

Gil Margolin


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