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Notable Investors

Bain Capital Ventures


San Francisco CA, US

Total Funding


About Sysdig Stock

Sysdig is a DevOps platform that aims to secure and monitor containers and microservices in production. The Sysdig Platform aims to address both DevOps security and IT operations spaces by integrating security, compliance, and monitoring. Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform consists of Sysdig Secure and Monitor. Sysdig Secure aims to manage cloud security risks by embedding Kubernetes security and compliance into the build, run, and respond stages of the application lifecycle. Sysdig Monitor aims to monitor and help troubleshoot container issues.

Sysdig was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Notable investors include Bain Capital Ventures, Accel, and Goldman Sachs.


Funding History

June 2013$2.4M
October 2014$10.6M
March 2016$15.1M
July 2017$25.0M
July 2018$83.0M
November 2019$70.4M
April 2021$188M
December 2021$375M


Chief Executive Officer

Suresh Vasudevan

Chief Financial Officer

Lawrence Castro


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