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About Stellar Stock

Stellar is an A.I. talent agent, a "career concierge", that helps top tech talent connect with tailored-fit career opportunities beyond their network. Stellar chats with talent and uses these personal conversations, as well as the parsing/NLP-ing of their resume and online profiles to best understand our talent’s interests, criteria, career goals, personality, caliber, and more. Analyzing our talent’s data, along with a vast amount of information about job openings, companies, founders, teams, investors, products, etc., Stellar is then able to introduce talent to tailored-fit opportunities. Stellar does all the heavy lifting on behalf of our talent, including: searching and researching opportunities, reaching out and qualifying, negotiating terms, etc. Absurdly, so many stellar talent fail to maximize their full potential by limiting themselves to opportunities within their immediate network or to luck, as they find looking for opportunities beyond their network too inefficiently time-consuming. By having Stellar representation, talent no longer have to worry about the busy work involved in making sure they achieve their ideal career goals. Our vision is to build long-lasting ongoing relationships with stellar talent, and help them throughout their career, whether or not they are considering changing jobs. We have experience representing stellar talent across all seniority levels, from recent stellar graduates to veteran stellar VPs, and across various tech roles: software engineering, data science, product management, etc. As for companies, we will selectively introduce stellar talent to you if and when there is a strong match between one of the talent we represent and your company’s needs, mission and culture. If your company has an online presence, our A.I. already knows about you and will reach out at due time. You can also “sign up” and provide more information to further improve future match quality and to increase your chances of matching with a stellar talent (very recommended if you are in stealth mode). Curious?


Founder & Lead Software Engineer

Andy Katz

Founder & CEO

Roi Chobadi

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