Spiber Inc. Stock

A biotech company developing microbially-fermented Brewed Protein™ materials to help build a more sustainable society.

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About Spiber Inc. Stock

Established in September 2007, Spiber Inc. is a Japanese biotechnology startup utilizing cutting-edge synthetic biology, polymer, and material science for the development of its novel Brewed Protein™ materials. Produced through microbial fermentation and utilizing agricultural feedstocks as primary raw materials, Brewed Protein™ polymers are well-positioned to make significant contributions to animal- and plastic-free initiatives in a range of fields such as the apparel and automotive industries. Leveraging its R&D expertise, Spiber pursues its mission of positively contributing to sustainable human well-being. Operation of Spiber’s first mass production plant in Rayong Province, Thailand, is slated to commence within 2021. The company is also constructing a second mass production facility with partner ADM in Iowa, USA, which is scheduled to begin operating in 2023 at the earliest.

Funding History

April 2007$90K
April 2013$780M
October 2014$2.5B
March 2015$959M
October 2015$9.6B
October 2017$1.6B
January 2018$1000M
June 2018$200M
November 2018$5.0B
April 2019$6.5B
December 2019$4.4B
March 2020$1.0B
April 2020$499M
September 2020$5.9B
December 2020$25.0B
September 2021$24.4B
September 2021$10.0B


Executive Officer

Masaya Minoda

Outside Director

Noriaki Okada

Director and Executive Officer

Sugahara Junichi


Nagai Tomokazu

Outside Director

Matsuhashi Kaori

Executive Officer

Yunosuke Abe


Masaya Minoda

External Director

Masaru Tomita


Asai Toshimasa


Kenji Azuma

Outside Director

Toshiyuki Arai

Board of Directors

Keisuke Morita

Outside Director

Tabata Naoki

Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Kazuhide Sekiyama


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