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Speak helps you get better at speaking english.

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About Speak Stock

People spend $90 billion a year on human english teachers that are expensive and ineffective. Speak offers a mobile app where you can have english conversations with your phone about real world scenarios like interviewing for a job or asking for directions. It uses speech recognition to identify english words through thick accents and teach people to speak more clearly. Meanwhile, it’s building a massive database of accented-english speech, which can be used to improve its system and other speech recognition systems. Speak’s team formerly built accent detection systems and sold Flashcards+ to Chegg. Though AI translation might reduce the need for people to know other languages, speaking English remains a valuable skill people are willing to pay for.

Funding History

August 2020$11.0M
November 2022$27.0M


Machine Learning Engineer

Lakshmi Krishnan


Connor Zwick


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