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Soft Robot Tech is an Industrial automation flexible gripping robot service provider

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About Soft Robot Tech Stock

SRT software robot is a technology company specializing in software robotics, including flexible SRT jaws, intelligent medical aids, etc.By studying the deformation mechanism of flexible materials, SRT designed a flexible gripper that can grip workpieces of different sizes, shapes and weights with a single claw. Introducing intelligent automation into the field where the grasping targets of traditional mechanical claws are difficult to apply. Unlike traditional mechanical claws, the flexible claws have a soft, pneumatic "finger" that adaptively covers the target without the need to know its exact shape and size in advance. Moreover, since the whole is made of a flexible material, the gripping action does not cause any damage to the workpiece, and is particularly suitable for a workpiece that is fragile or scratch-resistant.

Funding History

May 2022$100M
August 2023$150M


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