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Nutrition Technologies manufactures protein, oil and organic fertilizer from Black Soldier Fly larvae for a greener and healthier future.

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About Nutrition Technologies Stock

We are a biotechnology company determined to reintroduce insects into the global food supply chain. We harness their natural potential as sustainable commodity ingredients for animal and plant nutrition. Nutrition Technologies is committed to revolutionising the agriculture sector by integrating insect products on a mass scale - as nature always intended! We focus on producing significantly more protein per square meter than traditional methods and is zero waste with an intensive vertical farming system. Founded by Nick Piggott and Tom Berry, our team has been rapidly growing since 2015. The Nutrition Technologies team now comprises over 150 people of 11 different nationalities, all united behind making the world a better place by improving the way the world feeds itself. Our Insect Products: Hi.Protein® - an ideal animal-based protein substitute for fishmeal or soybean meal in the diets of Fish, Shrimp, Poultry, Swine, Pets and Reptiles. Hi.Protein® offers a range of positive impacts for monogastric animals' health and performance. Providing essential macro and micronutrients in the diet improves gut microbial communities by increasing the abundance of key bacteria involved in monogastric health. Hi.Frass® - the manure of Black Soldier Fly larvae. It is rich in chitin, which naturally boosts plants' defence mechanisms. It is also loaded with beneficial microorganisms which enhance soil fertility, structure and boosts microbial activities. Resulting in better plant health and nutrient-rich crops. Hi.Oil® - a unique source of energy, tailored for monogastric species such as poultry and swine. Mechanically extracted from Black Soldier Fly larvae fed on a 100% vegetable diet, it contains a high content of essential medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that enhance animals’ health. Hi.Dried™ - a healthy snack made for pets, poultry, wild birds, or reptiles. Combining the Black Soldier Fly larvae meal and oil benefits, it’s the perfect solution for a direct feed application. Hi.Dried™ is a sustainable source of nutrients and minerals that will naturally enhance animal health. Meet our Founders: Nick Piggott - Co-CEO Nick has over 15 years of business experience directing companies and projects. Previously, Nick worked for the UN and Oxfam, managing multi-million dollar sustainable development programmes. Tom Berry - Co-CEO Tom has over 12 years of experience in leadership and management roles in the UK military, UN, and financial sectors, focusing specifically on operations and risk management.

Funding History

July 2016$100K
November 2017$400K
July 2019$8.5M
March 2021$5.0M
September 2022$20.0M


CEO & Co-Founder

Nick Piggott


Charles Carter


Martin Zorrilla

Nutrition Director

Rafael Hermes

Engineering Director

Joel William

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Berry


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