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Medi Whale offers medical AI software for disease detection.

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About Medi Whale Stock

Medi Whale seeks to achieve sustainable healthcare where every eye can truly be the window to one’s health with our world's first-of-its-kind 1-stop AI screening platform solution for cardiovascular, renal, metabolic risk assessment, and eye disease diagnosis. Our AI Platform was developed through several clinical collaborations (Korea, Singapore, India, UK, and other European datasets) using structured longitudinal event-based datasets for the development of our retinal biomarker engines. RetiCVD® (cardiovascular disease risk assessment): Developed using coronary artery calcium (CAC) score, CAC is recognized as the gold standard for precise CVD risk calculation. Our CVD engine predicts the presence of CAC and provides a stratified probabilistic risk based on US ASCVD and EU SCORE guidelines. RetiCKD® (chronic kidney disease risk assessment): Developed using eGFR and full lab panel, our CKD engine has been demonstrated to achieve better predictive capability as compared to eGFR or full panel analysis. RetiEYE®: Referable Eye Disease engine detects and flags common aging-related eye modalities such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataract at its referable disease state. Medi Whale retinal-based systemic biomarkers have been clinically demonstrated to be non-inferior to current gold standards and are recognized by clinical and scientific communities with two Lancet Digital Health publications.

Funding History

May 2018$300M
September 2020$1.0M
August 2021$3.0B
April 2023$9.0M


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