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Solve the current crisis of worldwide shortages.

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About Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies Stock

Magneto-Inertial Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MIFTI) is the only company in the world that can solve the current crisis of worldwide shortages in nuclear medicine through a low capital cost machine compared to the existing nuclear reactors. MIFTI scientists has done computational modeling, computer simulations, and laboratory experiments, for over the last twenty years. Only recently have MIFTI’s scientists been able to overcome the instability problems of Z-pinch. This problem was solved, because sophisticated software was made available to the MIFTI scientists at the University of California, Irvine by the U.S. Air Force. Years of experimentation and understanding the science have led MIFTI’s scientists to conclude that the staged Z-pinch fusion approach will change the landscape of electricity production globally by providing a net energy gain from ten to fifty times the energy used to create the process. MIFTI’s technology will have positive worldwide consequences, not only for energy, but will solve the current crisis of worldwide shortages in nuclear medicine, as staged Z-pinch is very flexible and can be applied to a number of earth’s dilemmas. MIFTI’s goal is simply to provide the people of earth with energy and medicines, at a reasonable and fair price, with no carbon dioxide emissions. MIFTI technology is environmentally friendly – and forever.

Funding History

February 2014$200K


Executive Vice President and Financial Officer

Mohammad Arshad

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