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Notable Investors

Andreessen Horowitz


Burlingame CA, US

Total Funding


About Imply Stock

Imply provides a real-time analytics solution based on Apache Druid. Apache Druid, an open source database created Imply's founders, enables next generation real-time analytics stacks to be built. Druid is widely adopted for analyzing user activity data, digital media logs, network flows, server metrics, application logs, and many other types of event-driven, streaming data. Druid is used in production by the world's largest and most innovative companies. Imply enables you to build end-to-end streaming analytics stacks with Druid, transforming the workflow of your company.


Funding History

July 2015$2.0M
January 2018$13.3M
October 2019$37.0M
April 2021$78.8M


Chief Executive Officer

Fangjin Yang

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Russo

Chief Technology Officer

Gian Merlino


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