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Genome Medical Stock

Genome Medical is a telegenomics technology and services company allowing access to genomic-based medicine.

About Genome Medical Stock




South San Francisco, CA, US

Genome Medical is a national telegenomics technology, services, and strategy company bringing genomic medicine to everyday care. Through its nationwide network of genetic specialists and an efficient Genome Care DeliveryTM technology platform, we provide expert virtual genetic care for individuals and their families to improve health and well-being. They also help health care providers and their patients navigate the rapidly expanding field of genetics and utilize test results to understand the risk for disease, accelerate disease diagnosis, make informed treatment decisions and lower the cost of care. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in South San Francisco, California, United States.

Genome Medical Management

Leadership team at Genome Medical

Co-Founder & CEO

Lisa Alderson


Robert Green

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Accredited investors can buy pre-IPO stock in companies like Genome Medical through EquityZen funds. These investments are made available by existing Genome Medical shareholders who sell their shares on our platform. Typically, these are early employees who need to fund a life event – house, education, etc. Accredited investors are then offered the opportunity to invest in this stock through a fund, like those used by hedge funds serving large investors. While not without risk, investing in private companies can help investors reach goals of portfolio diversification, access to potential growth and high potential return. Learn more about our Guided Investment process here.

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Shareholders can sell their Genome Medical stock through EquityZen's private company marketplace. EquityZen's network includes over 310K accredited investors interested in buying private company stock. Learn more about the easy and guided Shareholder process here.

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There are two ways to exit your private company investment on EquityZen's marketplace. The first is if the company has an exit event like an IPO, merger or acquisition. In that case, we will distribute the shares and/or cash to you directly. The second way is through an Express Deal on EquityZen, if eligible. An Express Deal allows you to sell your allocation of private shares in a given private company to another investor on EquityZen's marketplace. More information on Express Deals can be found here and exit information can be found here.

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