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Fyla is Deep Tech laser technology company, bringing proprietary solutions for high-end industrial applications.

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About FYLA Stock

At FYLA we laser the new industry and beyond, by creating and commercialising laser technology by joining singularity, quality and profitability for our clients and stakeholders. • We pursue to lead the Industry transformation, trough photonics as a lever for the development of new sectors and new applications for the future of our society • Our technology, people and values are the core assets of our organisations: We believe in shaping a better future. We leverage and promote excellence and trust. We take new challenges as our core motivation, in technology, business and life. • Life Science, Materials Processing and Optical Communications are the main target sectors for our lasers, laser systems and growing IP, while touching sub-sectors and adjacent applications, allowing us to capitalise our technology and talent, widening our client base.

Funding History

March 2014$500K
April 2017$194K
July 2018$2.0M
July 2018$71K
March 2021$600K
December 2021$850K
February 2022$341K
November 2022$1.4M
October 2023$1.0M
December 2023$1.7M


Founder and CTO

Pere Perez-Millan

Shareholder and advisor

Ismael Almazan

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