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Elemental Cognition builds intelligent applications that solves toughest business problems with precision and reliability.

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About Elemental Cognition Stock

Elemental Cognition (EC) provides a revolutionary hybrid AI platform with superior natural language understanding that powers expert problem-solving intelligence in conversational and discovery applications. EC was founded in 2015 by Dr. David Ferrucci, the renowned AI researcher and inventor of IBM’s breakthrough Watson technology. EC AI transparently engages with people to understand, reason, and explain complex problems. EC customers are in several verticals, including but not limited to healthcare, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services, and travel. The mission of Elemental Cognition (EC) is to transcend conventional AI, aiming to aid individuals in comprehending intricate content, engaging in logical thinking about it, and locating as well as elucidating solutions. Elemental Cognition remains devoted to creating ethical and lucid AI, designed to contribute to resolving issues and providing proficiency in a manner that is both comprehensible and reliable. Recognizing AI's potential to function as a cogitative partner akin to a human, EC envisions a landscape of transparency, where the rationale behind outcomes is on par in significance with the outcomes themselves. What sets EC apart is its distinctive methodology, intertwining varied AI strategies within an innovative framework. This framework assimilates and ratiocinates upon knowledge that is understandable to humans, fostering collaborative and dynamic problem-solving. The outcome manifests as an expert problem-solving acumen that is more lucid and resource-efficient, seamlessly integrated into conversational and exploratory applications.

Funding History

April 2015$32.0M
April 2019$35.0M
January 2021$1K
August 2023$60.0M


Advisory Board Member

Chris Varelas

Senior Research Scientist

Jennifer Chu-Carroll

Founder & CEO

David Ferrucci

Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy Martin


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