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The deep learning acceleration platform for developers to build, optimize, and deploy ultra-fast models on any hardware.

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About Deci AI Stock

Deci enables deep learning to live up to its true potential by using AI to build better AI. With the company’s end-to-end deep learning acceleration platform, AI developers can build, optimize, and deploy faster and more accurate models for any environment, including cloud, edge or mobile. With Deci’s platform, developers can increase deep learning model inference performance by 3x-15x, on any hardware, while still preserving accuracy. This translates directly into new use cases on limited hardware, substantially shorter development cycles, and reduced compute costs by up to 80%. The platform is powered by Deci’s Automated Neural Architecture Construction (AutoNAC) technology, an algorithmic optimization engine that squeezes maximum utilization out of any hardware. The AutoNAC engine contains a Neural Architecture Search (NAS) component that redesigns a given trained model’s architecture to optimally improve its inference performance (throughput, latency, memory, etc.) for specific target hardware while preserving its baseline accuracy. Deci achieved a record-breaking 11.8x accelerated inference speedup on Intel CPUs at MLPerf Industry Benchmark and has been named to the CBInsights top 100 AI companies. Led by a team of world-class deep learning experts, Deci lets AI developers focus on what they do best - creating innovative AI-based solutions for our world’s most complex problems.

Funding History

October 2020$9.1M
October 2021$21.0M
July 2022$25.0M


Board Member

Liad Rubin

Co-Founder & COO

Jonathan Elial

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Ran El-Yaniv


Philippe Schwartz

Co-Founder & CEO

Yonatan Geifman


Danny Hadar

Head of AI

Ofri Masad

NLP Research Advisor

Navot Akiva

Board Member

Lonne Jaffe


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