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About Course Hero Stock

What is Course Hero? Course Hero is an online learning platform that empowers students and educators to succeed through study tools and resources. Fueled by a passionate community of over 17 million students and educators who share their course-specific knowledge and educational resources, Course Hero offers the biggest and best library of study documents, expert tutors, customizable flashcards, and course advice. By connecting students and educators from over 11,000 colleges and universities, Course Hero fosters a more collaborative and personalized learning experience for students and educators around the world. Master Your Classes™


Funding History

October 2006$10K
September 2007$183K
February 2008$200K
August 2008$500K
July 2010$1.5M
November 2014$15.0M


CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Grauer

CTO & Co-Founder

Gregor Carrigan

Director of Student Community

John Stacey III

VP Engineering & Design

Josh Tyler

VP Product & Marketing

Charlie Hazlehurst


Steven Van Horne

Software Engineering Manager

Abishek Surana Rajendra

VP of Content, Community & Sales

Andrew Nesbit

Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick Mork


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