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AI/ML-generative X-NDR/SOAR cybersecurity insurance platform.

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About CloudCover Stock

CloudCover is a full-spectrum extended network detection cybersecurity platform utilizing AI-based machine learning to provide real time automated security risk insured protection. Our platform employs network analytics including risk score that enables the underwriting of incremental cybersecurity network insurance on-demand. CloudCover deploys as an AI-enhanced Security Orchestration Automation Risk Response (SOAR) integrated into the X-NDR zero-trust network detection risk control platform operating at microsecond speed and unmatched accuracy. CloudCover CC/B1 agentless/clientless span/taps onto a customer’s network and therein utilizing AI/ML is capable of detecting unseen and previously unknown threats at the network IoT edge. The CC/B1 is module-based and may be custom configured into practically any network enterprise. Since inception, the CloudCover CC/B1 Platform represents the most advance cybersecurity solution in the market. CloudCover’s technology portfolio has integrated artificial intelligent blockchain technology that revolutionizes the unique protection that represent this cyber safety platform. CloudCover is transforming traditional network security and privacy methods into real time cyber-insured, cyber safe, compliant ecosystems.

Funding History

September 2013$470K
January 2014$350K
January 2015$325K
September 2015$275K
March 2016$515K
December 2019$190K
December 2020$5.2M
December 2022$100K



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