We seek wild precision for the Nutraceutical industry by developing pristine bioactive botanicals, using indoor farming.

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About BOTALYS Stock

OUR MISSION We are Botanical Explorers seeking the next frontier of plant health benefits while preserving wild biotopes. We firmly believe that medicinal plants deserve a new standard of uncompromising quality, and we are committed to explore their health potential further while respecting the planet. Hence, our two core values: Explore & Respect. OUR VISION Indoor Precision Farming offers a unique opportunity to sustainably grow potent medicinal plants. We have developed our own indoor farming approach under ultra-clean conditions. Our cultivation facilities are one of the largest vertical farms in Europe. There, by optimizing the growth environment, we ensure that our botanicals reach their full potential in terms of Health benefits, bringing full-spectrum product to the next level, and combining Wild Quality with Lab purity. OUR PRODUCT With more than 3000 years of medicinal tradition and more than 5000 scientific publications about its health benefits, Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Meyer) is, without a doubt, the most precious and revered medicinal plant in the world. At BOTALYS, we are shaping its molecular profile, making our full-spectrum ginseng root powder comparable to a 20 years old wild Korean ginseng specimen. And ginseng is just the first botanical milestone of our journey…

Funding History

March 2011$70K
August 2014$275K
July 2016$104K
January 2018$447K
December 2018$182K
March 2019$2.2M
April 2019$140K
January 2020$5.0M
October 2022$6.6M
October 2022$247K
October 2022$900K
May 2023$640K



Pierre-Antoine Mariage

Finance Director

Laurent Pérignon


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