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Team of passionate industry veterans, all with deep experience in creating games for all leading gaming platforms.

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About Bagelcode Stock

Truly Global, Bagelcode Bagelcode is joined by 170+ members from major domestic and international companies, including Korea, Britain, the United States, Israel, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, etc. It's a global game company with more than 45 million users worldwide. We have some of the best talent from around the world. Every day at Bagelcode, it transcends language, time difference, distance, and culture, and works with colleagues from all over the world. We consider ourselves to be Global because we strive to have the best talent no matter the location. Bagelcode believes that individual growth leads to company growth. That's why Bagelcode employees work with talented team members who have various experiences around the world and strive to grow quickly. We also continue to grow. Since its establishment in 2012 led by developers from KAIST, Pohang University of Science and Technology and Seoul National University, on average, we've grown more than 250% faster in the last 3 years: launching 17-year "Club Vegas," investing in the 18-year series C and 20-year series D. We constantly look for talent to grow into the global number 1 game company with Bagelcode.

Funding History

February 2014$1000M
February 2017$14.3B
August 2018$38.0B
August 2019$38.0B
October 2020$24.0B


Co-Founder & CEO

Kay Yoon


KyungMin Bang


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