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Modern Data Orchestration

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About Astronomer Stock

For data teams looking to increase the availability of trusted data, Astronomer provides Astro, a modern data orchestration platform, powered by Apache Airflow, that enables the entire data team to build, run, and observe data pipelines-as-code. Astronomer is the commercial developer of Airflow, the de facto standard for expressing data flows as code, used by hundreds of thousands of teams across the world.


Funding History

July 2017$3.5M
November 2018$3.5M
September 2019$5.7M
May 2020$13.6M
January 2021$43.6M
March 2022$213M


Chief Executive Officer

Scott Yara

Chief Revenue Officer

Andy Byron


Laurent Paris

VP, Product

Ryan Fox

VP, Data & ML

Steven Hillion

Chief Architect

Julien Le Dem

Senior Director of Engineering

Vishwas Raman

Chief Customer Officer

Hemal Kanani


Joe Otto

Business Analyst

Morgan Lewis

VP, Engineering

Navid Aghdaie

Human Resources Coordinator

Robert Alba

VP of Field Engineering

Tony Huinker


Ry Walker

Software Engineer

Leigh Stauffer

Senior Director Data Strategy

Roger Magoulas

Head of Operations

Zachary Hensley

Director of Enterprise Data Solutions

R Brad Kirn

Software Engineer

Manu Sharma

Human Resources Coordinator

Robert Alba

Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew Ettinger


Vikram Koka

Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Greg Neiheisel

Board Director

Ethan Batraski

Airflow Engineer

Alan Ma

Board of Directors

Tim Guleri

Senior Director, Community

Ross Turk

Business Analyst

Morgan Lewis

Airflow Engineer

Alan Ma

Board Member

Scott Yara

Software Engineer

Manu Sharma

Software Engineer

Daniel Imberman

Sr. Technical Support Engineer

Kris Dockery


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