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Verve is a Silicon Valley software company focused exclusively on developing embedded technology for process and workflow management.

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About Verve Stock

Verve, Inc.™ is a Silicon Valley software company focused exclusively on developing embedded technology for process and workflow management both within vertical solutions and across the networked economy. The Internet has enabled fundamental changes in the way business is conducted. Increasingly, the use of internet technologies for e-commerce and e-business is enabling a componentization of business, wherein multiple, focussed providers are brought together into extended value chains. This networked model of business stands in stark contrast to the vertically integrated businesses of yesterday. Indeed, the term "disintegration of business" has been used to describe this change by other authors. Simultaneously, the use of internet technologies has enabled a fundamental change in the way large-scale systems are constructed. Common protocols, and common infrastructure have begun to deliver real componentization of software in the large. Java has simultaneously provided the necessary programming model to support componentization at smaller scales. These two technology changes together deliver a rapidly growing software component framework that can span organizations. In a subtle way, the confluence of these two impacts of the Internet have worked to bring about the emergence of the deeply networked economy - networked at the technology level and the business level. Thus arises an important question: How to coordinate the multiple participants and their associated systems to truly enable this networked business model? Early e-business players have largely worked out how to handle point-to-point business transactions. The challenge is to scale this to manage multipoint-to-multipoint transactions in the deeply networked economy. What is needed is a business coordination technology, capable of being used both within and between organizations. The processes managed by this technology need to be declared rather than coded, to enable rapid change as the network economy continues to evolve at "internet speed". In a sense, the problem parallels that which gave rise to Internet routers - where a CISCO Router coordinates the movement of IP packets from one data network to another, Verve coordinates the movement of work packets from one business network to another Verve, Inc. is focussed on delivering this technology, and has a demonstrable track record of success with some of the largest, and some of the smallest, companies that are embracing the opportunities of the networked economy.

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