Twin Missions With A Single Theme:

Liquidity for All

Help all private market participants access liquidity

Private markets for the public

Increase investment access to private assets

Be Human
Be respectful and kind, to your teammates, your clients, and to the world at large. Do what you need to be personally healthy and happy. Strive to create a company you can brag to your friends about. Remember to celebrate the small victories and work to get better each day.
Be Ready to Teach + Learn
Always yearn for more knowledge. Understand that disagreements are opportunities to teach and learn, but above all, to grow. Think big, act small, and take fast, smart risks.
Be an Inspiring Team Player
Ideas are encouraged; execution is paramount. Have no room for ego and view no job as too small. Be prepared for all meetings, calls, and deadlines. Respect others’ time and endeavor to help others succeed. Be polite, but candid, and feel encouraged to ask for help when uncomfortable.
Be Resilient but Humble
Take pride in your team’s work! Be accountable and take ownership of your own work, including admitting mistakes (it’s how we grow!). Here at EZ, we preach “Hustle”: no one will hand it to us. We subscribe to the notion that Grit bests Talent, and Passion bests Resources.
Be Ethical
Always put your clients’ best interests first. EZ team members seek to do the best job the right way. Be honest with clients, teammates, regulators, and yourself. When in doubt, ask for help. Use judgment you’d be happy to defend to those you love and respect.
Own It
Be accountable and take ownership of your work. Be willing to admit mistakes. No room for ego. No job too small. Always remember: no one will hand "it" to us.
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