Trusted Contact Person

A Trusted Contact Person is an individual age 18 and over whom we may contact if we are unable to reach you or if there is suspicious activity relating to your account. They will not be included on any standard correspondence relating to your transactions on the EquityZen platform. Regulatory rules require us to ask if you would like to identify a trusted contact person for your account. You are not required to add a Trusted Contact Person to your account, and this will not impact your ability to conduct transactions on the EquityZen platform.

EquityZen Securities and one or more of its associated persons are authorized to contact your trusted contact person, disclose information about your account to address possible financial exploitation, confirm the specifics of your current contact information or health status if we cannot reach you, or confirm the identity of your legal guardian, executor, trustee or holder of a power of attorney, or as otherwise permitted by FINRA Rule 2165.