How to Sell Your Employee Equity And Unlock Your Net Worth

Atish Davda

By Atish Davda

CEO, EquityZen

Like many startup employees I was equity rich and cash poor. After working at a Hedge Fund, I joined a tech startup as one of their earliest employees, where I was an equity owner instantly. 

While I didn’t miss the business-formal dress code of Wall Street, I certainly missed the salary.

It was 2013 and while shopping for wedding rings all I could think was… I wish I still had that hedge fund paycheck right about now!

The Problem

After the Dot-Com Bubble burst, both regulators and the public wanted to see public companies with stronger and bigger balance sheets. 

Today, the average tech company currently has over $1 billion in revenue when they go public. (According to EquityZen Research)

Compare that to Amazon going public in 1997 with $16 million in revenue! Investors and investment banks would laugh at a deal like that nowadays…

The bar has been raised for tech companies, plain and simple.

As a consequence, there are more companies spending more time staying private - meaning more employees sitting on more equity.

The Solution

With the help of my co-founder Phil, we decided to create a solution to match employees with investors.

And boom. That’s when EquityZen was born. You can finally find a place to sell a portion of your private shares and unlock your true net worth. 

What used to take a team of lawyers, bankers, and hours of manual labor to write complicated contracts has been automated thanks to EquityZen’s breakthrough technology.

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