EquityZen Referral Program

Terms and Conditions

Referral Bonus Program Rules

Effective Date: January 1, 2020

Through the EquityZen Referral Bonus Program (the “Program”), you can invite friends to sign up for an EquityZen account by sending them an invitation using the EquityZen website.

Invites that allow for your participation in the Program may be sent by listing your friends’ email addresses in the fields above. Please send invites only to people you know personally who will be glad to get them. EquityZen will send one invite and up to two reminders to each friend you invite. The reminders may be different from the original invite and can be canceled by emailing support@EquityZen.com.

For each person you refer who completes the Investment Registration Process (as defined below) using a Qualified New Account (as defined below) EquityZen will, at your option, either (i) deposit $100 in the checking or savings account whose details you have provided above or (ii) credit $200 to your EquityZen account to be applied against brokerage fees applicable to your next transaction on the EquityZen platform (collectively, “Rewards”). EquityZen will also credit $100 applicable to your EquityZen referee friend's first transaction on the EquityZen platform.

You may refer as many friends as you like, provided, however, that the amount of cash compensation deposited in your checking account cannot exceed $599 in any given calendar year; any amounts accrued under the Program in excess of that amount will be credited toward future transaction(s) on the EquityZen platform.

Completion of the “Registration Process” requires your friend to supply the information EquityZen deems necessary to transact on the EquityZen platform; persons who create user accounts but do not supply the additional information needed to transact (such as identity, address, and social security number or other tax ID number) will not be deemed to have completed the Investment Registration Process. A "Qualifying New Account" is a (i) new individual EquityZen account (i.e. belonging to a person that does not already have an EquityZen account) (ii) not directly or indirectly owned by you that is (iii) opened by your EquityZen referee friend using the special designated link from your invitation (the “Hyperlink”) who (iv) completes the Registration Process. EquityZen is not responsible for incorrect entry or other failure on the part of your referee to meet the standards of a Qualifying New Account.

As a condition to your receipt of any Reward, you agree to (i) these Terms and Conditions; (ii) complete all required information fields accompanying these Terms and Conditions; (iii) disclose your eligibility to receive a Reward in any social media, blog, or other public communication you make in which you use the Hyperlink and (iv) ensure that all your public communications regarding EquityZen are truthful and not misleading.

This promotion is non-transferrable and available to U.S. residents only. EquityZen reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time for any reason, to refuse or recover any promotion award if EquityZen determines that it was obtained under wrongful or fraudulent circumstances, that inaccurate or incomplete information was provided in opening an account, that any rules or regulations would be violated by the Reward or your participation in the Program, or that any terms of any other Agreement you may have with EquityZen have been violated.

You agree that you will not provide individuals with recommendations regarding their specific needs or investment decisions. You agree that you will not disclose any specific investment opportunity currently available on EquityZen’s website. You agree that your participation in the Program will conform to the terms contained herein. You hereby represent that (i) you are not currently the subject of any investigation or proceeding which could result in statutory disqualification from receipt of a Reward and (ii) you do not have a "place of business" at which you regularly provide investment advisory services, solicit, meet with, or otherwise communicate with clients, or any other location in any U.S. state that is held out to the general public as a location at which you provide investment advisory services. If you cannot accurately make the preceding representations, you may not participate in the Program. If you are currently participating in the Program and the preceding representations become inaccurate, you agree to immediately inform EquityZen at support@EquityZen.com.

By participating in the Program, you agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless EquityZen, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, retailers, and advertising and promotion agencies, and all of their respective officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents from any liability, damages or third party claims which may arise out of your participation in the Program or out of the acceptance, use, misuse or possession of any Reward attained through the Program. All applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

EquityZen reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the Program at any time. Any changes EquityZen makes will be effective immediately on notice, which it may give either by posting the new terms on the Referral Website or via e-mail. Your participation in the Program after such notice will be deemed acceptance of such changes. You should review these Terms and Conditions periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version; you can determine when the version was last updated by checking the “Last Revised” date at the top of these Rules. All questions or disputes regarding the Program, including without limitation, those involving eligibility, participation, fraud and abuse will be resolved by EquityZen in EquityZen’s discretion.

Except where prohibited, all issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these Terms and Conditions, or the rights and obligations of the participant and EquityZen in connection with the Program, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of New York, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules (whether of the State of New York, or any other jurisdiction), which would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the State of New York.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Personal information collected in connection with this Program will be used in accordance with EquityZen’s Privacy Policy, available at https://equityzen.com/privacy/.