Our Story

EquityZen began with the goal of solving our personal attempts to diversify our holdings. EquityZen eases the pain facing private company employees (and founders, investors, and former employees) that find themselves heavily concentrated in their own company's equity.

We were tired of hearing a recurring story: employees held a majority of their net worth in company stock that was both illiquid and hard to value. Concurrently, investors sought exposure to post-seed, but pre-IPO startups and had nowhere to go for attractive valuations.

As passionate entrepreneurs and experienced investors facing this issue ourselves, we sought to marry two complementary parties. EquityZen was born in 2013. We provide a secure marketplace that matches shareholder offerings with investor demand, through a product that neither adds to shareholder count nor dilutes current investors. (Learn more here.)

Our long term goals are to:

  1. reduce the risk of joining a growing private firm, and
  2. keep employees and employers focused by addressing liquidity and risk concerns.

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