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What We Do

EquityZen is a marketplace for private company investments. Our mission is to help shareholders in proven, private tech companies get liquidity for their illiquid company stock while giving investors access to this new asset class.

For Employees

You are compensated in options and stock that can be quite valuable. Yet, as the company grows in size and success, your net worth is increasingly concentrated in illiquid, hard to value equity. From a risk and money management perspective, this is not prudent.

Additionally, over time real life gets in the way. You may need liquidity in order to address ordinary course life events, such as purchasing a home, preparing for the birth of a child, or paying down educational debt. We’re here to help.

For Early Investors

We understand that you may need or desire liquidity before your portfolio company exits. If you hit your target IRR in 3-4 years time, you should not have to stay aboard for the 10-12 year ride to exit.

In fact, it’s not only better for you but for the economy. Everyone is better served if you take your returns and re-deploy those proceeds into new investments. Our platform provides you a way to do just this.

How It Works

Traditional marketplaces are cumbersome. We make it easy.

How Things Were

Previous and current liquidity alternatives do not take the Company, a key stakeholder, into account.

How We're Different

We work directly with companies to facilitate company-approved transactions. We generally offer a traditional Share Transfer, which involves transferring your shares directly to an EquityZen fund vehicle.

Working directly with the company ensures that we’ve checked all boxes regarding regulation, compliance, and counterparty risk.


Under a Share Transfer, you would transfer your shares directly to an EquityZen fund vehicle. We will take care of the paperwork and help you communicate with the company. In return for your shares, the EquityZen fund would pay you today’s value for your shares (you need to own the shares outright prior to transacting).

The best part is you won’t deal with an assortment of investors on our platform. You have one counterparty: EquityZen.


You pay a one-time fee (a percentage of the transaction size) to EquityZen Securities LLC ("EquityZen Securities"). EquityZen Securities is an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.


Believe it or not, the tax treatment is straightforward! For tax purposes only, both transaction structures on our platform are treated as a full disposition (sale) of the shares. There is no double taxation or any other funny stuff [more information on that here].

Learn about our Step-by-Step Process.

Still Have Questions?

Unclear about the process? Chances are our FAQ can clear it up. We're happy to discuss anything that's on your mind.

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