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Our mission is to provide Accredited Investors access to proven, private investments. There’s no reason that you should be limited to early seed stage deals, or have to wait until a tech company trades a public stock. Using a company-friendly investment structure, we have access to some of the most exciting private tech companies out there.

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General Information about being an EquityZen Investor

How are the investments structured?

EquityZen acts as the Managing Member of a Fund, of which the Investors are also Members. The Fund is generally structured to directly purchase shares through a Share Transfer.

We ensure that our structure is approved by the companies we work with.

What is a Share Transfer?

A Share Transfer is a direct transfer of shares from a shareholder to a third-party purchaser. In EquityZen-facilitated deals, we create the Fund through which the deal operates. The Fund is thereafter recognized as an official shareholder in the company and is added to the company’s capitalization table.

How much does it cost?

EquityZen charges a one-time Sales Fee of 5% at the time of the investment (i.e., a $50,000 investment comes with a $2,500 sales fee).

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Learn more about our investment process in our Step by Step Guide.

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