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The Dangers of the P/S Multiple

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Catherine Klinchuch   February 15, 2018

When we talk about startup valuations, we typically speak in term of P/S (price-to-sales) multiples. Why? For starters, many of them have not yet reached profitability, so valuing them off of earnings is impossible. Second, we often have very limited financial information for private companies, which makes more intricate valuation methodologies difficult. Finally, multiples turn a complex topic like corporate valuation into a seemingly simple equation. Consider Company A, an enterprise SaaS company with $100M in revenue. I observe a group of similar enterprise SaaS companies trading at an average of 6x sales. A multiples-based valuation would tell me Company A is worth $600M ($100M * 6).


Easy, right? 

Well, not so fast. When you dig deeper, the ostensible simplicity of multiples actually belies their considerable complexity. Even so, while multiples are often unavoidable for valuation analyses, their pitfalls are not. In our view, a thoughtful multiples-based valuation approach is very achievable, keeping in mind the following:

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