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Announcing EquityZen 2.0


Ketan Bhalla   September 08, 2016

The team at EquityZen has been hard at work over the past few months working on a slew of product features and improvements to further bolster the customer experience for all of our clients.  These features have ranged from small improvements to major product releases. We are excited to highlight some of the most impactful changes here.

EZ Advantage

Arguably our most exciting new feature is a tool that allows users to search across an entire universe of private companies to conduct their own due diligence.  We’ve made it easy (or should I say “EZ”?) to filter the universe by Sector, VC Investors, Total Funding, and even the age of the company.  Want to learn more about a few three-year-old companies backed by Khosla Ventures in the gaming industry?  Head over to EZ Advantage and apply your filtering criteria.  After selecting a few companies from the filtered results, you can compare their important metrics side-by-side, giving you quick access to key details about the companies that meet your criteria.



Product Bling: EquityZen's Fresh New Features


Ketan Bhalla   January 21, 2016

At EquityZen, we are constantly trying to improve the user experience for our clients.  We’ve come a long way already and automated a lot of antiquated processes that previously defined private transactions, but we believe there are always opportunities to make the process even more seamless. Core to our mission is building a technology-driven investment platform that provides investors with the information they need as soon as possible and makes the investment process much more efficient.

Over the past few months, we’ve made a lot of improvements to our investment platform for all of our stakeholders – investors, shareholders, and companies themselves.  We want to share some of these improvements with members of our community in order to highlight our commitment to further develop the secondary markets as a whole – we believe that simplifying the process is a key factor that will eventually lead to a more mature market.  


In terms of product improvements, this is one the biggest updates we’ve made to date.  We completely re-designed the investment process by overhauling our transaction engine, making it easier for investors to complete the investment process.  We have rebuilt all aspects of the investment process – filling out the investment documents (electronically, of course) is much more simple, sparing you lots of time and confusion. We also simplified the user flow by only asking the relevant (and necessary) questions to investors based on the previous answers that they have given to us.  Essentially, the system is much, much more intelligent than it used to be (don’t be scared – it hasn’t risen to the level of J.A.R.V.I.S… yet). 

We’ve also built in functionality to provide investors with all of their executed documents immediately (well, technically within 5 minutes), without needing to contact a member of our team. 

We are extremely proud of the new execution platform, and we hope all of our investors are equally happy about all of the friction that we were able to eliminate.  


One of the biggest pain points for shareholders on our platform was the amount of information that they needed to provide to our team in order for us to perform our due diligence to effectively help them unlock the value of their equity compensation.

Taking that feedback to heart, we redesigned the document portal for shareholders, explaining diligence requirements more clearly and also making the system more responsive to the specific circumstances of that individual.  At the same time, we provide shareholders with more visibility on the status of their potential transaction by allowing them to independently check (in real time) the progress of the specific transaction in question. We understand that a liquidity transaction is very meaningful - it can help you address the major financial events of your life. With that in mind, we want to make that process simpler, transparent, and seamless. 

These are just a few of the product improvements we’ve made over the past few months (there are lots more!), and doesn’t come close to summarizing all of the effort that our product and development teams have put in to try and improve the user experience for anyone that visits the EquityZen platform.  As we mentioned at the outset, we aren’t even close to being done yet, and we can’t wait to share some of these improvements with all of you as the year progresses.  


Introducing Our All New My Investments Page


Zhi+An Ng   July 12, 2015

At EquityZen, we understand that transactions in the secondary market can be tedious at times. We are constantly trying to make that process simpler, faster, and more transparent. Recently we have updated the "My Investments" page, to give more clarity on the status of the deal, showcase key numbers related to this deal, and highlight any actions required on your part. Let's take a look.

When you go to the "Accounts" page and click on the "My Investments" tab, a refreshing new look awaits you. The closing date of the deal is highlighted clearly, and any required actions are displayed prominently.

Below the alerts, key figures such as the Total Fund Size and Ownership Percentage are shown. This provides a clear overview of the deal.

The progress bar right below highlights the status of documents that are required for the deal to proceed. In this case, I have successfully submitted my Term Sheet, Investment Paperwork, and Money Transfer. I should submit my W-9 or W-8 form as soon as I can.

Also for each deal, we have included useful secondary information such as any Deal Updates our team has sent out for this deal, documents you have submitted, and news articles related to this company. You can view this information by clicking on the "Show Updates, Documents and News" link.

We are always trying our best to be clear and transparent about the transaction progress, while keeping your personal information and documents secure and confidential. Do you like the new look of the "My Investments" page? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Drop us a line at hello@equityzen.com.