The EquityZen Seller Video Series — Part I

Richard Stratford
Oct 19th, 2017

Shareholders behold!

This week we're proud to bring you a short video wherein we show you how EquityZen smoothens the once-convoluted process of getting liquidity for your private shares. We understand how daunting the process of selling your equity may seem, but we're here to demystify that concept and help you navigate these tricky waters.

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What's inside the box

Selling your equity is a big step. For some, it's the last obstacle that—once hurdled—can directly open the door to a new home, the financial security of a loved one, or simply the diversification of an investment portfolio. Below are a few of the larger points we hope you take away from this video:

Accurate Documentation

Always keep your proper relevant documents at the ready. The list of papers for equity stakeholders in private companies can sometimes seem endless, but to ensure a streamlined experience free of road-bumps, be sure to locate and maintain Stock Certificates / Share Option Grant, Shareholder Agreement / Option Exercise Notices, and any other extraneous materials administered by your company.

Company Relationships 

Establishing and maintaining an amicable, fruitful working relationship with all companies on our platform is a principle at the very core of EquityZen. Without fail (and for good reason!), the first question from shareholders is usually some variation of "Will selling my shares on EquityZen upset my company?" We hope that this video, as well as our supplemental reading materials below, will better answer that question.

A (Not-So-Random) Walk Down Equity Street

This video should act as a brief walkthrough of the seller process. We'll take you from start to finish, beginning with signing up and listing your shares on your personal My Equity page to completing the important paperwork that finally delivers you the liquidity you deserve. 

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