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Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report 2015

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Shriram Bhashyam   May 30, 2015

Former Wall Street tech stock analyst turned VC (at Kleiner Perkins), Mary Meeker, recently published Internet Trends - 2015, her annual observations on the internet and the things to get excited about coming down the pike.

Keeping with recent history, she presented the report earlier this week at the Code Conference. Among the many interesting observations and analyses are:

  • Internet usage is at 39% global population penetration as of 2014 (versus 1% in 1995).
  • Over the same period, mobile penetration has gone from 1% to 73%.
  • Optimization for mobile is a major theme to pay attention to (ad formats, UI for buy buttons, and vertical viewing.
  • Messaging growth continues to be strong, with messaging apps ranking at the top in terms of usage and sessions.
  • 87% of Millennials report that smartphones "never leave their side" (duh!).
Check out the full report in our Knowledge Center here.