EquityZen Visits DreamIt's Summer Class, Shares Tricks on Incentivizing Employees Effectively

Atish Davda
Aug 22nd, 2014
EquityZen's Workshop on Equity Compensation at DreamIt Ventures

Earlier this month, founders from 15 companies presented their best pitches to investors at DreamIt's New York Summer Program Demo Day.  As these entrepreneurs build upon their success from Demo Day and focus on raising funds for their ventures, EquityZen paired up with DreamIt Ventures to prepare them for what they could expect after the term sheets and TechCrunch headlines: a fight for talent.

Any founder who has raised a large round of funding can attest to the talent fight.  Most snipe off friends working in other firms or other careers, but ultimately, they all admit that cash alone doesn't attract talent.  Whether the candidate sought is a sales rep, HR manager, or the ever-elusive ninja-rockstar-design-UX-UI-guru, no-name startups cannot compete with the sexier, larger companies that offer better cash and better perks.  Forbes recently published an article highlighting some tips for hiring early talent.  Advice is free and even once those founders fill the dream role, they will be faced with keeping the employee motivated several months (and years) down the road.

After interviewing over 100 companies, EquityZen has identified a series of topics surprisingly unfamiliar to founders of the newly cash-rich companies.  Coverage on this material is scant, and at that, spread across four or five blogs that often get lost in the noise of the Web.  EquityZen is here to remedy that.  Our previous entries, which covered fundamental topics such as liquidation preferences and tax treatment of ESOP, have garnered a lot of responses.

EquityZen has compiled a bite-sized presentation to educate the 15 companies' managers-to-be on levers they can pull to keep employees happy and motivated.  Covered topics range in complexity from vesting to 83(b) elections to nerdy tax advice that would require us to put a disclaimer on this sentence if we named it.  Subscribe to our blog (or reach out to us here) if you want to stay abreast of such topics and our upcoming series on employee compensation.

As the DreamIt graduates begin making their first hires, they are well positioned to structure their compensation plans to minimize employee distractions improve productivity and morale.   Are you?

If you're interested in having EquityZen present at your organization, please make your request by briefly describing the intended audience here.

EquityZen is a benefits provider for private companies.  We educate employees, management, and early investors alike on compensation issues, and provide shareholders with an avenue for liquidity that is company-friendly.  Learn more.
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