Don't Make These Common Mistakes in Evaluating Your Incentive Compensation

Atish Davda
Aug 21st, 2013

Work for a startup or large private company? Thinking about joining one?  Compensation at private firms is tricky, especially when equity is involved.  "Equity" is a colloquial term and is often misunderstood.

To help you see through the haze, EquityZen has previously covered topics such as liquidation preferences and tax considerations.

Now, EquityZen is teaching a workshop at General Assembly tonight (Wednesday, Aug 21) at 8.15pm.  Grab a spot: Incentive Compensation in Startups: Understand How You're Getting Paid (or Not).

Below is an overview of the content that will be covered in tonight's workshop.  If you cannot make the course tonight be sure to subscribe to our blog for relevant material.  If you'd like to attend a future session, or if you have sensitive questions you'd prefer to ask one-on-one, don't forget to reach out to us.

GA Workshop Preview
Startup employees are compensated heavily in stock, but often don’t understand how such compensation works. This class will provide an overview of incentive compensation at startups and discuss the implications for employees. Students will find out about the similarities and differences between corporate compensation packages and startup compensation packages, go through a typical employee stock plan, and also learn about a typical venture-backed capital structure and capitalization table.

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