Announcing EquityZen 2.0

Ketan Bhalla
Sep 8th, 2016

The team at EquityZen has been hard at work over the past few months working on a slew of product features and improvements to further bolster the customer experience for all of our clients.  These features have ranged from small improvements to major product releases. We are excited to highlight some of the most impactful changes here.

EZ Advantage

Arguably our most exciting new feature is a tool that allows users to search across an entire universe of private companies to conduct their own due diligence.  We’ve made it easy (or should I say “EZ”?) to filter the universe by Sector, VC Investors, Total Funding, and even the age of the company.  Want to learn more about a few three-year-old companies backed by Khosla Ventures in the gaming industry?  Head over to EZ Advantage and apply your filtering criteria.  After selecting a few companies from the filtered results, you can compare their important metrics side-by-side, giving you quick access to key details about the companies that meet your criteria.


Support for multiple investment accounts

We have a lot of clients that want to complete transactions across multiple entities, such as a personal account and a trust that has been set up for their beneficiaries.  Previously, the process for doing this was a bit tedious – our clients had to set up separate accounts with limited connectivity between them.  We’ve drastically improved upon this feature – you can now easily make investments across multiple accounts from a single location and receive aggregated reporting on your holdings across multiple entities.  It makes it much easier to complete transactions and also gives you a full view of your investments across multiple user profiles. Financial Advisors with investment discretion on behalf of their clients should also find this useful.


Personalized News Updates

One of the things we strive to do is provide prompt updates on any companies in which you have either expressed interest or made an investment.  We’ve created a new section on the EquityZen platform called “My News”, which gives you personalized updates on such companies.  It’s easy to search for specific company news or browse all the recent news related to companies on your “Watchlist” (see next section) without needing to dig through piles of unread e-mails in your inbox.



We majorly overhauled the “Watchlist”, which is a central location for you to manage which companies you are interested in.  Once you express interest in a specific company, we will automatically add it to the “My Watchlist” section of your account.  We’ve given you the ability to give us more information related to your interest, including whether or not you are looking to transact at a specific valuation.  It’s also easy to see which companies are now accepting investments on the EquityZen platform, allowing you to view additional information related to the opportunity quickly and efficiently.  Not interested in a company anymore?  Remove it from your Watchlist and we won’t provide updates to you anymore.


Document Library

Trying to look for all the documents you’ve ever signed related to your transactions?  Need them before tax season comes around again?  We figured.  We have always given you a central repository of documents related to your transactions within your profile, but we’ve made it even easier now.  Everything is consolidated in one location called “My Documents”, so you don’t need to look for them on a specific transaction-by-transaction basis.

Navigation Changes

We’ve made it easier to access some of the most important pages on our platform, including updates about your investments and the vast amount of market research that we have produced and curated.  We eliminated redundant links and simplified the overall navigation for all users.

We hope you are as excited as we are about some of these new features and encourage you to give us feedback on our investment platform.  We are constantly trying to improve upon the way that private market transactions are completed, and believe we have come a long way in a short amount of time.

A special shout-out to our development team for their hard work in building, iterating, and releasing all of these great new features.

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